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درباره من

Pooyan Shahrokhi
Date of birth: 1982
Place of Birth: Tehran
Graduate: Master of Arts in Editing Major, Bagh Ferdows Film Production Education center, 2001
Graduate: Bachelor of Arts in Cinema- Major: Movie Director
Sooreh Tehran University
Graduate: Bachelor of Arts in Photography- france - Paris

A) Script writer and director of movies:
1- Alley (Kucheh) - (Producer: Film and TV series of channel 2)
2- Pallbearer (Nashkesh) - (Producer: Film and TV series of channel 2)
3- Loop (Dor Batel) Video-clip-(Producer: Film and TV series of channel 2)
4- In the Warp and Whoop of Love (Dar Taropud Eshgh) - (Producer: Ravayat Fath Cinema Institute)
5- Whirligig with no wind (Ferferehaye Bibad) - (Producer: Mohammad Afarideh)
6- Metamorphosis (Estehaleh)-(Producer: Mohammad Afarideh)
7- Movie: The Tree without Land- (Producer: Boston Film Center- U.S.A.)
8- Delete (producer: Alireza Aynehchian, ordered by Caltura 21 Network)

B) Writer, Script writer and Director of Documentaries:
1- Continuity (Producer: Ali Kafrash)
2- My share (Producer: Ali Kafrash)
3- Lian Documentary Series (Producer: Channel 4 of IRIB)
4- Mirage Documentary Series (Producer: Jaamejam Network)
5- Documentary series of This is Iran (Producer Jaamejam Network)
6- Che Guevara (Producer: Cut Shot Film Institute- France)
7- Documentary film, Narration of an Artist (producer: Dr. Hossein Jafari )
8- Long documentary film: Goodbye Ernesto (Producer: Cut Shot Film Institute- France)
9- Industrial Documentary Film: Wood and Paper (Producer: Wood and Papers Industries of Mazandaran)
10-Long documentary film: Robbery (Producer: Public Safety Police)
11- Long documentary film: Swing (Producer: Elham Sezavar)

C) Producer and executive of film plans and projects
1- A 1000- minute project of documentary film for Tehran Subway Co.
2- The feature series of Citizenship Ethics- ordered by Municipality of Tehran
3- Documentary: “Coffee after Friday Prayer”
4- Documentary film, “My Share of Caspian Sea”
5- A 90- minute TV. Movie: Flute
6- 90- minute TV. Movie: “Write my Story”
7- 90-mintue TV. Movie: “Square”
8- 90- minute TV movie ” Two days of a Babysitter’s Life”
9- 90-Minute TV film of “Moon from Platform”
10- Pictorial Journal: “Close up” feature film (Director: Behrouz Shoaybi)
11- The pictorial journal: “Seven Lands”- Cultural and Arts (Director: Katanoun Arsanjani)
12- Documentary series of Iranian Leopards (under production)

D) Executive of plan and director of documentary and commercial films:
1- Shahid Kalantari Port- Documentary for introducing Tide Water Middle East Company, 300 minutes- 2004
2- Sina Tile- Documentary to introduce Sina Tile Company, 8 minutes, 2004
3- Kish Flight School- Documentary for introducing Kish light School, 8 minutes, 2005
4- Iran in Space: Documentary for introducing Iranian Space organization, 10 minutes- 2007
5- Rahbaran- Documentary to introduce State Road Administration and Transportation- in 8 episodes, 15 minutes each- 2007
6- Fooladgostar- Documentary for introducing Gostaresh Foold Tabriz institute, 40 minutes- 2008
7- Oil Jacket Installation: Installation of W4 jackets, ordered by Deep Oceans Technology (DOT) Co. – 130 minutes, 2008
8- Salt wash- Ordered by Arvand Petrochemical Company, 30 minutes, 2008- 2009
9- Installation of Oil Jacket: Installation of Pars 1 Jacket, ordered by Sadaf Service Company- 8- minutes, 2009
10- City Lighting- Ordered by Tehran City Appearance Improvement Organization, 15 minutes, 2008
11- TV reports of Alba Fair, ordered by the Embassy of Venezuela, 90 minutes, 2008
12- TV. Report f Fajr Music International festival, including 100 performances, 2 hours each, more than 12000 minutes, 2009 and 1800 minutes in 2010
13- Commercial ad of Bank Sina, 2009
14- TV. Series of Citizenship Ethics- ordered by Tehran University, 200 minutes in 2004-2005
15- Five teasers for Euro News Global Network (Ordered by Trades Development Organization- Ministry of Commerce)

E) Responsibilities
1- Associated member of Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association (Khane Cinema)
2- Manager of Moaj Now Filmmaking Institute
3- Member of board of directors of Studio Khane
4- Member of Central Council of Young Arts Association
6- President of Dubai Short Film Festival in Untied Arab Emirate
7- Manager of Production Unit of Iranian Arts Cooperative Co.
8- President of First Avangard Cinema Festival- Kish Island

F) Researches
1- Political Cinema or Cinema Policies- B.A. thesis
2- Edit as the eye- Theoretical M.A. Thesis
3- Structure of Cinema Variety
4- Iranian Cinema and Decrease in Narcotic Drugs Demands
5- Digital in Documentary Cinema
6- Symbolism in Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s films

G) Teaching and Education activities
1- Teaching “Film Director” course at Scientific-Applied University
2- Teaching “Film Director” at Maher Cinema Institute
3- Teaching “Film Director” in specialized documentary filmmaking workshops

H) Training courses:
1- Comprehensive Filmmaking course- Rasam Honar University Institute
2- Creative Screenplay writing course- Script Writing Workshop School
3- Comprehensive course of Film Analysis and Symbolism- ACECR of Tehran University
4- Structure of Different Cinema- ACECR- Tehran University
5- Social Photography- Open Classes of Sooreh University

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